Are You Hooked On Junk Food?

In case you don’t understand just how bad junk food is for your body, there’s a simple study known as the Cafeteria Diet that makes it clear. In an attempt to accurately measure food intake in a group of ten lean, healthy men, researchers filled two vending machines with pancakes, cheeseburgers, French toast,...

Eat Like People In A Blue Zone For A Long Life

Can you eat your way to a long life? People in a handful of regions across the globe apparently do. Author Dan Buettner identified seven so-called “blue zones” – places where residents often live past 100 – and analysed the factors that may explain it. Here are the very basic principles followed by...

How To Use Mindfulness To Beat Your Cravings

Not all addictions are hugely self-destructive ones like narcotics or smoking. Many of us are constantly craving something, whether it’s a bet, unhealthy food or just that buzz when one of our social media posts gets liked. And when this becomes a habit, it can affect our productivity, our health and our relationships. When...

One Hour Of Exercise A Week Can Reduce The Risk Of Depression

Exercising for just an hour a week, regardless of the intensity, can help prevent depression, according to new research on 33,908 people who were tracked for 11 years. The study – led by scientists from the Black Dog Institute, which conducts research into mental health issues – concluded that around 12% of cases of...

8 Health Benefits To Enjoy From A Sober October

Giving up alcohol completely is no easy task. After all, cracking open a frosty one or pouring out a dram of your favourite whisky at the end of a hard day’s work is one of life’s great pleasures. It is, however, a pleasure that can hit your health hard if you overindulge. It would...

Is Dark Chocolate Good For You?

It would be great, wouldn’t it? If you could plough through bar after bar of chocolate knowing that every single bite was only going to make you healthier? It’s not surprising that there is so much scientific research into the possible health benefits of chocolate. Any benefits of chocolate are really benefits of cocoa,...

Are Walnuts Good For You?

The cashews are the first to go when people munch through a bag of mixed nuts. That’s a given. After that the almonds and brazil nuts will usually be carefully picked out, leaving a combo of walnuts and hazelnuts. If you approach the bag at this stage you might consider yourself hard done...

What To Eat During Marathon Training

Committing to training for a marathon can result in a slew of changes to your lifestyle, the most notable of which being that you’re going to start running a whole lot more (if that comes as a surprise, maybe this whole marathon thing is a bad idea). Your diet is also going to change...

How To Get Organised At Work And Get More Done

We all like a moan after a long, tiring day at work – but deep down we know that if were just a bit better organised, things wouldn’t be so bad. We’d be more prepared for the tasks thrown at us, more able to deal with unexpected complications, and less likely to panic...

4 Essential Life Lessons From The Simpsons

Comedian Yianni Agisilaou is about to embark on a UK tour with his show The Simpsons Taught Me Everything I Know. So what, exactly, has The Simpsons taught him? As someone performing a show called The Simpsons Taught Me Everything I Know, people often ask me what, exactly, The Simpsons has taught me. And...


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