The Best Men’s Hairstyles Of 2017

Be honest with yourself: that much-needed trim has been at the bottom of your long list of priorities for far too long, hasn’t it? Of course, there may be plenty of other stuff that seems more important than tending to your locks, but like every other style trend, in-demand hairstyles come and go...

The Best Running Gels And How To Use Them In Your Training

Running becomes a very different proposition when you cross the 90-minute mark. Instead of stepping out the door with the bare essentials and the freedom to run wherever you like, you need to plan your nutrition and tailor your route to include stops for refuelling. Planning your nutrition for before, during and after any...

Our 15 All-Time Favourite Motivational Quotes

As the exhausted old expression you’ve heard a hundred times goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Sure. Got it. Understood. Problem is, knowing about that first step isn’t the hard part. It’s taking it. Especially when it’s looking a big grim outside, or you had a bit...

Pro Tips to Help You Nail Cycle To Work Day

If you’re not riding into work on two wheels on the morning of 13th September, you’re going to feel seriously left out. Wednesday is nationwide Cycle To Work Day, an occasion organised by the Cycle To Work scheme which – while it can be a bit complicated – basically offers discounts and loans...

What To Eat During Marathon Training

Committing to training for a marathon can result in a slew of changes to your lifestyle, the most notable of which being that you’re going to start running a whole lot more (if that comes as a surprise, maybe this whole marathon thing is a bad idea). Your diet is also going to change...

The Most Instagrammable Gyms In London

While there is an argument for only taking your phone into the gym to follow workouts or listen to music, there’s no arguing that gym selfies are exceptionally popular. A study of the Twitter and Instagram tag #gymselfie last December found 130,000 posts to analyse. So it looks like the #gymselfie takers are here...

Why It’s Wise To Get A Food Intolerance Diagnosed Before Making A Change

A quarter of Brits are treating potentially serious symptoms like bloating or weight loss by making changes to their diet, such as cutting out gluten or dairy, rather than having them checked out by a doctor, according to new research. The Bupa investigation found that 24% of Brits had made significant dietary changes without...

Is Garlic Good For You?

There’s much more to garlic than vampire-vanquishing flavour – it’s has been used by humans for tens of thousands of years as both an ingredient and medicine. Indeed, it may have become part of our diet many years after it was first identified as a topical remedy for cuts, burns and infections of...

Lose Weight With Portion Control

People are prepared to try almost any change to their diet in order to lose weight, but when it comes to one measure that will definitely help – namely eating smaller portions – many are unwilling to make the sacrifice. Research conducted by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) in 2013 found that portion sizes...

Are You Hooked On Junk Food?

In case you don’t understand just how bad junk food is for your body, there’s a simple study known as the Cafeteria Diet that makes it clear. In an attempt to accurately measure food intake in a group of ten lean, healthy men, researchers filled two vending machines with pancakes, cheeseburgers, French toast,...


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