Pro Tips to Help You Nail Cycle To Work Day

If you’re not riding into work on two wheels on the morning of 13th September, you’re going to feel seriously left out. Wednesday is nationwide Cycle To Work Day, an occasion organised by the Cycle To Work scheme which – while it can be a bit complicated – basically offers discounts and loans...

Get A Grip On Negative Emotions

1. Don’t suppress your rage It’s crucial to recognise that anger is a perfectly normal human emotion, and suppressing your rage can have far-reaching negative health impacts including anxiety, depression and physical damage to your heart, according to the British Journal Of Health Psychology. That said, moderation is essential because blowing your fuse every five...

Are Walnuts Good For You?

The cashews are the first to go when people munch through a bag of mixed nuts. That’s a given. After that the almonds and brazil nuts will usually be carefully picked out, leaving a combo of walnuts and hazelnuts. If you approach the bag at this stage you might consider yourself hard done...

The Biggest Heart Health Myths For Men

Heart disease is the cause of more than a quarter (26%) of all deaths in the UK each year according to the British Heart Foundation. And while the risk rises in line with age, it’s never too early to make lifestyle changes to protect yourself from ticker-related issues. Most people probably already have a...

Why It’s Wise To Get A Food Intolerance Diagnosed Before Making A Change

A quarter of Brits are treating potentially serious symptoms like bloating or weight loss by making changes to their diet, such as cutting out gluten or dairy, rather than having them checked out by a doctor, according to new research. The Bupa investigation found that 24% of Brits had made significant dietary changes without...

11 Of Our Favourite Motivational Running Quotes

You know as well as we do that the hardest part of running doesn’t involve running at all. It’s the slow walk. The slow walk to your trainers. The moments leading up to your slow walk to your trainers, in fact. Yep, forget those first few strides, or the final mile – seeking...

The 20 Best Fat-Burning Foods

Here’s the reality: it doesn’t matter how hard you train in the gym if you don’t put the same time, effort and focus into what you do in the kitchen. The old saying that “you can’t out-train a bad diet” is something of a cliché, but like many clichés it’s rooted in truth....

One Hour Of Exercise A Week Can Reduce The Risk Of Depression

Exercising for just an hour a week, regardless of the intensity, can help prevent depression, according to new research on 33,908 people who were tracked for 11 years. The study – led by scientists from the Black Dog Institute, which conducts research into mental health issues – concluded that around 12% of cases of...

Eat Like People In A Blue Zone For A Long Life

Can you eat your way to a long life? People in a handful of regions across the globe apparently do. Author Dan Buettner identified seven so-called “blue zones” – places where residents often live past 100 – and analysed the factors that may explain it. Here are the very basic principles followed by...

Lose Weight With Portion Control

People are prepared to try almost any change to their diet in order to lose weight, but when it comes to one measure that will definitely help – namely eating smaller portions – many are unwilling to make the sacrifice. Research conducted by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) in 2013 found that portion sizes...


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