Why It’s Wise To Get A Food Intolerance Diagnosed Before Making A Change

A quarter of Brits are treating potentially serious symptoms like bloating or weight loss by making changes to their diet, such as cutting out gluten or dairy, rather than having them checked out by a doctor, according to new research. The Bupa investigation found that 24% of Brits had made significant dietary changes without...

How To Get Organised At Work And Get More Done

We all like a moan after a long, tiring day at work – but deep down we know that if were just a bit better organised, things wouldn’t be so bad. We’d be more prepared for the tasks thrown at us, more able to deal with unexpected complications, and less likely to panic...

The Vegan Diet Explained

Veganism has never been more in vogue, in no small part due to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s flirtation with a plant-based diet. Of course, many vegans aren’t only concerned with a healthy diet and forgo any animal products or by-products for ethical and environmental reasons (like these successful sporting vegans). If you’re considering adopting...

Is Cheese Good For You?

Legend has it that an Arabian merchant discovered cheese by storing milk in a container made from a sheep’s stomach for a journey across the desert. The heat of the desert caused the milk to react with the rennet in the stomach and separate into curds and whey. The merchant, clearly a brave...

Our 15 All-Time Favourite Motivational Quotes

As the exhausted old expression you’ve heard a hundred times goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Sure. Got it. Understood. Problem is, knowing about that first step isn’t the hard part. It’s taking it. Especially when it’s looking a big grim outside, or you had a bit...

Pro Tips to Help You Nail Cycle To Work Day

If you’re not riding into work on two wheels on the morning of 13th September, you’re going to feel seriously left out. Wednesday is nationwide Cycle To Work Day, an occasion organised by the Cycle To Work scheme which – while it can be a bit complicated – basically offers discounts and loans...

One Hour Of Exercise A Week Can Reduce The Risk Of Depression

Exercising for just an hour a week, regardless of the intensity, can help prevent depression, according to new research on 33,908 people who were tracked for 11 years. The study – led by scientists from the Black Dog Institute, which conducts research into mental health issues – concluded that around 12% of cases of...

Our 10 All-Time Favourite Inspirational Quotes About Cycling

Take a look out of the window. Or eye up your schedule for the day. Or even just give your legs a quick rub. Little bit grey out there? Diary packed out? Thigh still a little achy from five-a-side? Of course it is. It always is, but especially when you’re trying to schedule...

Are You Hooked On Junk Food?

In case you don’t understand just how bad junk food is for your body, there’s a simple study known as the Cafeteria Diet that makes it clear. In an attempt to accurately measure food intake in a group of ten lean, healthy men, researchers filled two vending machines with pancakes, cheeseburgers, French toast,...

Are Walnuts Good For You?

The cashews are the first to go when people munch through a bag of mixed nuts. That’s a given. After that the almonds and brazil nuts will usually be carefully picked out, leaving a combo of walnuts and hazelnuts. If you approach the bag at this stage you might consider yourself hard done...


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