Fill Up On High-Fibre Foods

People in the UK have no time for fibre. According to the NHS, the average consumption is 14g a day, when 30g is the recommended amount. Fortunately, once you start looking out for it, it’s not a tricky requirement to meet. Why do we need fibre? Getting enough fibre can reduce the risk of heart...

Here’s How Much Half Marathon Training You Have To Do To Break Two Hours

Having a target time is in no way necessary to enjoy taking part in a half marathon, but for many people the joy of covering 22.1km with hundreds or thousands of others is magnified by simultaneously smashing a personal goal. If your target time for the distance is under two hours, data from...

Get A Grip On Negative Emotions

1. Don’t suppress your rage It’s crucial to recognise that anger is a perfectly normal human emotion, and suppressing your rage can have far-reaching negative health impacts including anxiety, depression and physical damage to your heart, according to the British Journal Of Health Psychology. That said, moderation is essential because blowing your fuse every five...

Why The Hell Had I Never Tried Running Heroes Until Now?

There is no greater reward for being active than a long and healthy life – but that’s something that happens in the future to a different you, so it’s worth hunting out more immediate, material rewards as well. Several fitness apps promise prizes if you log all your activities with them, but often it...

Our 15 All-Time Favourite Motivational Quotes

As the exhausted old expression you’ve heard a hundred times goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Sure. Got it. Understood. Problem is, knowing about that first step isn’t the hard part. It’s taking it. Especially when it’s looking a big grim outside, or you had a bit...

Pro Tips to Help You Nail Cycle To Work Day

If you’re not riding into work on two wheels on the morning of 13th September, you’re going to feel seriously left out. Wednesday is nationwide Cycle To Work Day, an occasion organised by the Cycle To Work scheme which – while it can be a bit complicated – basically offers discounts and loans...

Are You Making The Most Of Your Gym Membership?

Kettlebells Key moves Swing, clean, snatch Essential info Kettlebells were originally used by old-school Russian strongmen but came into training fashion in the West about a decade ago. A standard kettlebell weighs 16kg and they usually go up in increments of 4kg. Kettlebell sport competitions focus on feats of strength endurance, such as maximum snatch reps...

Why It’s Wise To Get A Food Intolerance Diagnosed Before Making A Change

A quarter of Brits are treating potentially serious symptoms like bloating or weight loss by making changes to their diet, such as cutting out gluten or dairy, rather than having them checked out by a doctor, according to new research. The Bupa investigation found that 24% of Brits had made significant dietary changes without...

Our 10 All-Time Favourite Inspirational Quotes About Cycling

Take a look out of the window. Or eye up your schedule for the day. Or even just give your legs a quick rub. Little bit grey out there? Diary packed out? Thigh still a little achy from five-a-side? Of course it is. It always is, but especially when you’re trying to schedule...

Is Cheese Good For You?

Legend has it that an Arabian merchant discovered cheese by storing milk in a container made from a sheep’s stomach for a journey across the desert. The heat of the desert caused the milk to react with the rennet in the stomach and separate into curds and whey. The merchant, clearly a brave...


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