Get Dinner Inspiration from These Top InstaChefs

The world's most innovative new chefs aren't writing cookbooks anymore – they're posting their culinary creations on instagram. Here's how to give your own kitchen skills an instant boost. 1. @FitMenCook (aka Kevin Curry) Chef's top tip: "I love using avocado or natural nut butters in place of butter in my recipes. It's an easy...

What Is The Nordic Diet And Is It Healthy?

A Viking diet is the best way to keep the brain healthy and may fight off dementia” parped the Mail Online this week, with the Times, Independent and others following suit. The news came out of the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference and while the headlines were based on a Swedish study of 2,000-odd...

6 Reasons Why You’re Struggling To Lose Weight

You’ve got unrealistic expectations There’s nothing wrong with a bit of ambition, but if you’re planning to lose 10kg in 12 weeks, you’re almost certainly setting yourself up to fail. In a study of almost 2,000 dieters who tried to eat better for a year, the subjects with the highest expected weight loss were far...

The 5:2 Diet On Trial

It’s been over two years since the 5:2 diet first hit bookshelves, kick-starting an intermittent fasting fad that’s swept the mainstream media and attracted a host of A-list devotees, from Beyoncé to Benedict Cumberbatch. But does it actually work? How hard is it to stick to? And most importantly, can it help you...

Does Cutting Wheat Really Help You Lose Weight?

Nutritionist Drew Price tries different diets to, ahem, sort the wheat from the chaff. Find out if following the Wheat Belly diet, created by cardiologist William Davis, can help you lose weight by eliminating wheat products. THE DIET One of the best-known ‘gluten-free’ diets, Wheat Belly aims to improve your physique and overall health by cutting out...

One Month Fat-Loss Meal Plan

Whether you want to look lean and trim, or show off your hard-earned muscle, you’ll need to burn off excess fat. This meal plan, devised by personal trainer Rich Phillipps, will help you shed flab with a well-balanced diet of high-quality protein (that’ll support your muscle mass and keep you satiated), low-GI carbs,...

12 Shopping Tricks That Will Help You Lose Weight

1. Tune out Many supermarkets play music with a rhythm that’s slower than the average heartbeat, and – according to a study published in the Journal Of Marketing – that makes you spend longer in the store and spend up to 30% more on food you don’t necessarily need. The solution? A set of  earphones...

Paleo Diet Explained

Eating smarter will help you hit your health and fitness goals faster – but which diet is the ideal one for you? Coach’s sister title Men’s Fitness assesses the evidence and asks the experts so you can make the right nutritional decisions. The Theory A way of eating based on only eating foods that would...

The Biggest Food Myths Busted

They’re the diet-ruiners, the old wives’ tales and the misleading mantras that are derailing your healthy eating efforts without you even realising. Our friends over at Men’s Fitness have sorted the food facts from the fiction “Cook vegetables completely” Still boiling your broccoli? Step away from the saucepan now if you want maximum goodness from...

The Best Healthy Food Delivery Services

Can’t source enough healthy food? Tell it to come to you, then! Several companies now offer total healthy meal plan solutions by delivering every calorie you need. You just have to dodge the snacks. Coach tested three of them… Hello Fresh Says it “does all the hard work” so that you can learn new recipes...


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