The Busy Man’s Guide To Foods For A Healthy Heart

It’s not easy to know which foods are good and bad for your heart, with conflicting reports and new fads coming at you from all angles. Fortunately, there are always well-informed (and well-qualified) people out there trying to make things clearer. This week a review of evidence was published in the Journal Of The...

How to Get Cristiano Ronaldo’s Carb-Defying Six-Pack

The ultimate Galactico, Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, has earned Premier Leagues, Champions Leagues, Ballon d’Or awards and envious glares from team-mates, opponents and spectators alike throughout his stellar career. Now 30, he can squeeze the “Nobel Prize for Physical Perfection” into his buckling trophy cabinet. In the February 2016 issue of US GQ magazine,...

Get Dinner Inspiration from These Top InstaChefs

The world's most innovative new chefs aren't writing cookbooks anymore – they're posting their culinary creations on instagram. Here's how to give your own kitchen skills an instant boost. 1. @FitMenCook (aka Kevin Curry) Chef's top tip: "I love using avocado or natural nut butters in place of butter in my recipes. It's an easy...

Beware The Drastic New Year Detox Plan

January tends to be the time that people try to live healthier lives. Which is great, as long as you don’t overdo it. For example, pledging to visit the gym seven times a week is a tad ambitious, as is committing to eating 17 portions of fruit and veg a day. Here’s another example: embarking...

Take the Veg Pledge and Try a Meat-Free Week

Whilst it’s a universal truth that a bacon sandwich is the most delicious thing on earth, it’s also true that processed meats don’t do great things to your body. A life of limp hemp salads and granola burgers can be an unappealing prospect, but luckily the charity Beating Bowel Cancer, which provides support...

The Sugar-Free Diet – Diets On Trial

Eating smarter will help you hit your health and fitness goals faster – but which diet is the ideal one for you? Coach’s sister title Men’s Fitness assesses the evidence and asks the experts so you can make the right nutritional decisions The Theory For most people, “sugar-free” means the refined kind – found in...

Greggs Have Created A Diet Plan And Yes It Includes Sausage Rolls

You might think the idea of eating Greggs products for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for an entire month was the premise of the sequel to Super Size Me, and it wouldn’t be an unreasonable assumption. But it couldn’t be more wrong, because Greggs – ubiquitous bakery, national institution and purveyor of...

The Best Healthy Food Delivery Services

Can’t source enough healthy food? Tell it to come to you, then! Several companies now offer total healthy meal plan solutions by delivering every calorie you need. You just have to dodge the snacks. Coach tested three of them… Hello Fresh Says it “does all the hard work” so that you can learn new recipes...

The 5:2 Diet On Trial

It’s been over two years since the 5:2 diet first hit bookshelves, kick-starting an intermittent fasting fad that’s swept the mainstream media and attracted a host of A-list devotees, from Beyoncé to Benedict Cumberbatch. But does it actually work? How hard is it to stick to? And most importantly, can it help you...

Lean-Muscle Diet

Building lean muscle while simultaneously burning fat may not seem straightforward, but a few calculations and supermarket trips and you could be on your way to a new physique. Energy expenditure and your diet are key. Aim to consume around 2-3g of protein per kilogram of lean bodyweight every day, while reducing your carbohydrate...


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