The Beginner’s Guide To TRX Training

If you’re on the lookout for a way to freshen up a stale exercise regime – and we all need a change from time to time – then TRX training is well worth a go. Once you get to grips with the suspension system, it can be used to pursue many different goals...

How To Prevent And Treat The Five Most Common Football Injuries

The start of the football season is an exciting time, one filled with dreams of leading your amateur league team to glory, getting spotted by a scout and signed by a top club, then firing England to a World Cup win by scoring a hat-trick in the final against the Germans. But all of...

The Best Goalkeeper Gloves

It takes a special kind of person to want to be a goalkeeper. Choosing to hurl yourself in front of a ball that has been pelted goalwards defies good sense (see: the cowardly way defenders turn away when “blocking” shots), but there’s something admirable in being that last line of defence (just keep...

Why Urban Surfers Catch Better Waves

If you’ve watched any of the great surfing films, Point Break, Point Break 2: Point Breakier or the recent Point Break remake, you will have noticed one thing straight away – none of them is set in London. That’s because surfing on the Thames is just terrible. The same goes for most UK cities...

Six Exciting Features On The New Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

The smartwatch world has been waiting for fitness tracker trailblazer Fitbit to make its entrance. It has finally obliged with the Fitbit Ionic, which adds features like contactless payments, notifications and music storage alongside novel fitness tracking tech. The design of the Ionic takes its cues from the Fitbit Blaze, with a square colour...

Six-Week Get Back To Fitness Plan

The mistake many people make when they try to get back into training is to go too hard too soon, obliterating their motivation and leaving their body broken after a couple of intense sessions. “When easing back into a fitness regime your enthusiasm needs to be balanced with remaining sensible,” says Richard Scrivener, product...

The Meal Plan That Will Get You Lean In 4 Weeks

Starting a rigorous exercise plan is clearly a key part of achieving your healthy lifestyle goals, but it’s important to remember that working out can only get you so far. At least as important is a healthy diet, and a healthy diet doesn’t just mean cutting out on Friday night takeaway binges. You...

What Is The Pioppi Diet?

Pioppi is a tiny fishing village in the south of Italy that has a cracking beach and a sea museum. It is also the spiritual home of the Mediterranean Diet and the inspiration for new book The Pioppi Diet by Dr Aseem Malhotra and Donal O’Neill, which aims to provide a simple 21-day...

The Mambo Brothers Guide To Ibiza’s Best Activities

Many people have only one real purpose when they head to Ibiza on holiday and it’s fair to say that purpose is not healthy outdoor pursuits. However, while the clubbing in Ibiza is an unrivalled experience, there is more to the Balearic isle than its nightlife. Born and raised on Ibiza, Christian and Alan...

The Best New Road Running Shoes for 2017

When embarking on a running kick, the one piece of kit it’s really worth putting some time into selecting is a top-notch pair of running shoes. You can of course run in any old shoes, but that could well put you on the fast track to injuries, sluggish times and a generally unpleasant experience....


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