Air Pollution Could Be Ruining Your Sleep

The list of health problems linked to air pollution is long and disturbing, and it seems to grow a little longer every week. Studies have previously connected air pollution with an increased risk of lung and heart disease, type 2 diabetes and premature death, and this week there’s news that air pollution is...

Do You Really Need That Protein Shake? One Expert Doubts It

When you’ve put in maximum effort in at the gym, finishing your workout with your muscles quivering and lungs burning, it’s only natural to try to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck. For many people, that means cramming in as much protein as possible straight afterwards. It’s not an unreasonable...

Drinking Coffee Can Slash The Risk Of Liver Cancer By 50%

It’s fair to say that people are always keen to hear of any potential health benefits associated with food and drinks they already adore. That’s why red wine is rarely out of the news, with even the slightest indication that it might not be bad for you pounced upon. Coffee is another beloved beverage...

Giving Veg Exciting Names Makes More People Eat More Of It

When children refuse to eat their greens there’s a variety of tactics parents can employ to force the issue. Whether that’s pretending the fork containing said vegetables is an aeroplane, or grim threats of a pudding ban for those who spurn broccoli. You’d hope that most adults wouldn’t require such cajoling to eat their...

Answers To All Of Your Very Important Blood Donation Questions For National Blood Week

We’re pretty sure that not a day goes by when it’s not a national week for this or a national day of that. Some are spurious bits of fun that you might as well take part in, while some can and should be safely ignored, but some are very important indeed – like,...

Have A Guess At How Many Overweight And Obese People There Were In England In 2015

63%. That’s the percentage of the adult population in England that were overweight or obese in 2015 according to figures from Public Health England. Sixty-three per cent. That’s crazy. And all of those roughly 34.5 million people are at a significantly raised risk of dying from a weight-related illness according to a paper...

Six Mad Fad Diets From History You Definitely Shouldn’t Try

It’s a sad fact of life that, for many people, common sense goes out the window when it comes to losing weight. Deep down, we know that there really isn’t a substitute for exercise and eating a balanced diet in moderate portions – and yet when someone offers a quick-fix solution, no matter...

The Latest Weight-Loss Tactic Is… A Crinkly Plate?

How we perceive food can play a big part in the amount we eat. Studies have shown that using smaller plates, or plates that are a different colour from your food, can result in eating less. There’s also evidence to suggest that eating more slowly makes people more easily able to recognise when...

Check Your Belly Fat For Men’s Health Week

Men’s Health Week runs from 12-18th June and this year the focus is on belly fat, the most dangerous kind of fat you can carry – not to mention the most unsightly. Even if you don’t have an unflattering paunch to worry about, it’s worth keeping tabs on your waist size because fat...

The Cancer Symptoms Young Men Shouldn’t Ignore

Men don’t like to visit the doctor. It’s an established problem across men of all ages – and the results of this reticence can be disastrous. Catching a serious disease early can literally be the difference between life and death. Young strapping men can be especially reluctant to visit the doc, fuelled by the...


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