Be honest with yourself: that much-needed trim has been at the bottom of your long list of priorities for far too long, hasn’t it? Of course, there may be plenty of other stuff that seems more important than tending to your locks, but like every other style trend, in-demand hairstyles come and go fast. That means the longer you leave it, the greater the chance of your ’do looking wholly outdated.

That’s why we’ve asked Ruffians Barber Shop’s artistic director Denis Robinson to detail the looks you should be asking for as you plonk yourself in the salon chair, as seen on Celebrityland’s leading men. Read on, find your favourite and bump “get my hair sorted” up – and then off – that to-do list.

Millennial Curtains

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What’s that? “A modern twist on ’90s rave curtains that’s recently been spotted on the runways of both Marni and Balmain.”

Who does it suit? “Anyone with the incredible cheekbones of Cillian Murphy. Or if you’re tired of your undercut and looking for a change. Either way, it works best on straight or wavy hair.”

How do I style it? “On straighter hair, dry everything flat and forward using a paddle brush, then spray hairspray on your hands and sweep it back. Either part in the middle or have a high side parting, but ensure you leave hair framing both eyes.”

Full Fringe Crop

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What’s that? “So-called ‘boy bangs’ are back. This look can be adapted to any shorter length and is gaining popularity with a full fringed fade. It’s a cool twist on the Gallagher from the late 90s and has recently been adopted by models such as Luke Worrall [above], and models treading the catwalks for Lanvin and OAMC.”

Who does it suit? “Give this a shot if you’ve got a heart-shaped face with a wider brow and narrower chin, or a more oval one.”

How do I style it? “There are many variations on this style, but for straighter hair dry everything forward and flat, making sure to keep the fringe flush to the forehead. Then add pomade if you want a shiny finish, paste if you want more texture, or clay for a grungier vibe.”

Dev Patel’s Shaggy Locks

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What’s that? “Dev’s allowed his hair to grow out, and has potentially even had it layered. This is something your average barber may not be able to do, so it might be a good idea to head to a men’s hairdresser for this, as they’ll be far better prepared to tackle longer hair.”

Who does it suit? “If you’ve got a thick head of healthy hair and a straight brow, this is a good look. If you don’t, you run the risk of looking dishevelled or like a cartoon villain.”

How do I style it? “If you’ve got naturally curly or quite wavy hair, do not blow dry it after washing – it will only frizz up. Instead, towel-dry vigorously and when it’s still damp, apply a pomade or a mousse by scrunching in with your hands. This will help moisturise the ends, but also give the hair some shine.”

Facial hair match? “This look is best with some facial hair, as otherwise you run the risk of looking feminine or very young.”

Ryan Reynolds’s Grown-Out High & Tight

A photo posted by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Dec 15, 2016 at 4:57pm PST

What’s that? “It’s not the first time Ryan Reynolds has rocked this look, but its smart simplicity is making it a definite contender for style of 2017. It’s got the military aesthetic to a ‘high and tight’ fade, but the top has been left to grow a little longer, texturised with scissors. I like how he’s allowed the white hairs to grow through, and isn’t using any dyes to conceal it.”

Who does it suit? “A great option for those with square or round faces – the shortness of the back and sides helps to keep the silhouette of the face squared off, rather than widening it.”

How do I style it? “This doesn’t take much maintenance. Just rub a clay through your hands, massage over the surface of your hair and sculpt into shape. Scrunch in and distribute evenly for a textured look with natural shine.”

Facial hair match? “Go for some stubble. It’ll lessen the regimental military harshness and rough up the look a bit.”

Rami Malek’s 1940s Golden Hollywood

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What’s that? “A standard short back and sides but with a bit of a stylised ‘finger wave’ on top, this is a great look for any smarter events you’ll be going to this year. Rami Malek, the star of Mr Robot, is harking back to the 1940s and the Golden Age of Hollywood with this.”

Who does it suit? “Anyone who needs to don a suit for an evening party.”

How do I style it? “Apply a salt spray – a pre-styling product which adds structure and hold – to damp hair, and blow-dry until almost totally dry. Comb through and blow-dry back at the same time, then, rub a pomade and a paste together into your hands and apply this to your hair, directing the wave of the curl with a comb.”

Facial hair match? “It’s got to be a clean shave. It keeps the look classic and smart.”

Milo Ventimiglia’s Mid-Length & MoGo

Milo Ventimiglia attends the 69th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards. #peterpetrelli #miloventimiglia #heroes #heroesreborn #tvd #miloventimigliafans #tellmovie #thewhispers #gilmoregirls #netflix #survivor #glimoregirlsrevival #badass #startrek #jessisback #smile #celebrity #thisisus #hollywood #jack #jessmariano #followme #tvshow #gotham #followforfollow #fanboy #fangirl #actor #teamjess #nbc

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What is it? “This mid-length look, as seen on the star of TV drama This Is Us, is one way to harness your romantic side. You’ll have to grow your hair out for some time here but, instead of allowing it to grow wild like Dev Patel’s hair, get it frequently trimmed at the ends to maintain it.”

Who does it suit? “Anyone with a good, healthy head of hair, and the patience to grow it out properly.”

How do I style it? “Wash your hair with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner, as this will help the hair retain its natural moisture. You don’t need to do this too often – perhaps twice a week.”

Facial hair match? “This is quite a clean style, so add a bit of interest by growing a moustache, a goatee or some stubble.”

John Legend’s Midfade

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What is it? “Fades have been in and out of popularity for the last few years but for Afro styles, John Legend’s look is an all-time classic. It’s a well executed mid-fade that has a little bit more length than styles of the past couple of years.”

Who does it suit? “This is best for those with Afro hair, especially if you’ve got a particularly tight kink as it will have the support and structure to grow out well.”

How do I style it? “Blow-drying is a no, as heat can really make Afro hair frizz out. Also, Afro hair can get pretty dry, so use natural moisturising balms such as coconut oil or shea butter to keep it well nourished and hydrated.”

Facial hair match? “It’s a versatile one so anything goes here, but a clean-shaven face will draw more attention to the haircut.”